flexibility and expansive solutions

We listen to the customer’s needs and then react with forward thinking, long term solutions that align with their overall objectives. Flexibility and broad services allow us to immediately respond to changes and new goals.


Our needs assessment approach allows us to understand the customer’s desires to become a value-added supplier. Investing in technology and new capabilities is an essential part of our solution based services. We envision that manufacturers will seek only long-term strategic suppliers that can take on more operations to eliminate cost and time involved in managing the supply chain. Early on, Manown incorporated quality systems, software and configurable spaces prior to its necessity.

Quality Systems

Manown Engineering maintains a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100C by SAI Global. Customer satisfaction and company performance is why we continue to invest in technology, people and processes. The beginning of quality parts delivered on time starts with our CAD/CAM software. It is at this stage that we can clarify the parts specifications, create efficiencies for set-up and run times and import into a shop management system that will track all operations.  

Shop Management Software

Software has been at the center of our business planning through the years. A fully-integrated shop management software program allows for accurate & fast estimating, detailed shop floor travelers, in-process reviews, final inspections and shipping documents. We can easily navigate the program to schedule the plant, view part histories, create purchase orders & sales order acknowledgments and store and retrieve drawings, material certifications and other essential data.This system eliminates waste & reduces quote processing time and ensures that parts meet specifications and are delivered on time.

Inventory Management

Inventory management and control is achieved by combining the shop management software with configurable warehouse space. When Manown enters into partnerships with our customers, we commit to allocating space for buffer stock in order to deliver repeat parts on demand. The ability to fill skip-orders and Just-In-Time shipping is a unique solution and benefits the customer’s bottom-line. We hold inventory on our balance sheets so they can reduce inventory overhead.